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ICC Statistics show London and English law are alive and well

In 2009, a record 817 new cases were filed with the ICC, bringing the total number of ongoing cases at the end of the year to 1,461. English law was the most popular choice of law (14. 3% of contracts) followed by Swiss law. London was the second most popular place of arbitration behind Paris and selected 73 times although Paris has an in-built advantage over all over seats as if an arbitration clause stipulates ICC arbitration without stating a seat, the ICC (based in Paris) treats it as if Paris were expressly named.

 British arbitrators continued to rank highly with just over 15 % of all arbitrators being of British nationality, close behind the Swiss in terms of popularity. This underlines the importance of the UK, and London in particular, as a place of arbitration and of the quality of British arbitrators.

 The 2009 Statistical Report also reveals that in total 57 arbitrators were challenged in 34 cases under Article 11(1) (‘lack of independence or otherwise’).

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