Arbitration Handbook

Peter Ashford’s Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration was published by Juris Publishing of New York, and further cements Peter’s association with Juris, which now dates back over several years to publications in the ‘American Review of International Arbitration.’

The handbook is a ready guide for those involved in the process of international arbitration and is available to purchase online, through Juris Publishing. With international commerce expanding, more businesses are finding themselves transacting with other businesses in far flung parts of the world. The prospect of any disputes being resolved by courts across the continents is usually highly unattractive and the use of arbitration has, in consequence, now become the norm in international contracts.  The second edition has been thoroughly updated and has many new chapters.

The Handbook follows the typical route through arbitration, covered in 44 chapters, and has 31 precedent documents, as well as reproducing some of the rules of international arbitration. Packed with useful tips for the practitioner to save both time and cost, it has many practical pointers to guide those new to the area.

The Handbook was considered as recommended reading for a major United Nations conference in China in November 2009 and has received considerable praise both in the UK and abroad.

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