London remains key arbitration centre

A report published by The City UK demonstrates that arbitration is alive and well in London. A comparison of data from 2007 and 2009 shows that ICC arbitrations with a seat in London increased by 26% whereas LCIA arbitrations increased by a massive 85% and LMAA by a no less credible 66%.  London will need to retain its attractiveness especially with newer centres such as Dubai coming to the fore and other seasoned seats, such as Singapore, picking up work from the expanding Chinese and Indian markets.

At a more domestic level the CIArb appointments increased by 62%.

CEDr mediations were fairly flat and the Panel of Independent Mediators reported a modest rise but ‘other’ mediations reported a massive rise of over 200%.  This probably reflects maturity in the case of CEDr and finite capacity at PIM allowing new institutions to enter the market.

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